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Technical Specifications

Introducing the new Sea Ray SLX 350 Outboard, delivering all the benefits of the popular SLX 350 with the addition of premium Mercury® Verado® outboard power. This is a no-trade-offs vessel: Enjoy more space for friends and family, more power for the activities you love, more ease, more style and more fun all around. An array of Sea Ray’s Next Wave™ innovations-from the noise-quashing powers of Quiet Ride™ to the precision and stability of Dynamic Running Surface to the agility of joystick piloting technology-take the experience to the next level. And a host of intelligent features combine in a sleek, stylish package that exceeds all expectations. In short, the SLX 350 Outboard will make you want to spend even more time on the water.


The science behind the silence

Quiet Ride™ is a system of technological advances exclusively available on Sea Ray boats. It reduces Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) by up to 50%, so conversations are easier, fatigue is reduced, concentration is enhanced. The natural world feels more natural, more intimate, and you experience the wonder that drew you to boating in the first place.

Reduction in NVH as much as 50% with Quiet RideDecibel Comparison at full cruising speed:
Baseline Boat Average 86.2: As loud as a freight train from 15 meters away. Quiet Ride Average: 79.4*: A normal passenger car at 65 mph.
*A 10 decibel increase means sound is twice as loud

Precise just became more precise

Mercury’s SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system delivers effortless command of your engine, with inset switches that put control at your fingertips, literally. Enjoy smoother shifting, easier docking, more immediate throttle response and cutting-edge information displays. Performance is more predictable and responsive than ever before.

Digital Throttle

An inside view

The best captain is an informed captain. On the SLX 350 Outboard, captains are kept very well informed thanks to the Dynamic Display, which provides seamless vessel data, lighting control and navigation capabilities from a dual 12″ and 7″ touchscreen electronics display. Information wants to be seen and used.

Digital Throttle

Get on the stick

The SLX 350 Outboard’s joystick propulsion system puts control squarely in the palm of your hand. Tight fairways and narrow docks are now a breeze, with easy movement in any direction. Confident, effortless command of the triple Mercury® Verado® engines is yours to enjoy.

Axius Control

Vessel View

Operating the SLX 350 Outboard is a breeze thanks to a remarkably intuitive helm station featuring a SmartCraft® VesselView Display. This state-of-the-art system displays air & water temperature, fuel flow & range, depth, ECO-Screen, Smart Tow™, Troll Control™ and more. And with a comprehensive GPS interface and system maintenance records, knowledge and peace of mind come standard as well.

Vessel View

Active Trim

Active Trim by Mercury Marine is now available on all SLX models. Designed to suit entry-level and expert boaters alike, Active Trim simplifies boat operation while improving engine performance and decreasing fuel costs. New boaters are immediately able to properly trim boat engines with no intimidating learning curve, and experienced boaters can get the benefit of perfect trimming without constantly monitoring and adjusting trim with changes to boat speed or when going into turns.

Active Trim

A treat for all five senses

Sea Ray craftsmen are artisans, hand-selecting and installing the finest materials on the SLX 350 Outboard to create a moving work of art. Double-stitched helm seats, leather-textured surfaces and multiple densities of foam unite to perfectly shape seating. From the teak flooring to the well-placed stainless steel touches, the details are all as perfectly finished as you’d expect aboard the world’s premier day boat.

Fit & Finish

The finer things

Excellence is a word generally defined by comparison; you rarely see it but when you do, you notice. On the SLX 350 Outboard, excellence is the walnut trimming and stainless steel bezels molded into the dash. It’s the robotically applied exterior gel coating. It’s the double top stitch on all the upholstery. Excellence, it turns out, is defined by the fit and finish of a Sea Ray.

Fit & Finish

Top of the world

The SLX 350 Outboard provides options far beyond your average hardtop. Choose from the standard version or one with a large, opening sunroof to let in maximum rays, and select from several radar arch options to suit your needs. A retractable SureShade™ option provides coverage for the entire aft section of the boat, should you—or your whole crew—crave a break from the sun.


Let your light shine

Seafarers once had to rely on the North Star, but with the SLX 350 Outboard’s LED lighting package upgrade, the brightest star is the one you’re riding in. An elegant lighting design brightens the cockpit for superior visibility, and accent LED lighting on the SLX 350 Outboard exterior lends a cool ambiance when that day on the water slips into an evening out.

The wake you make

Dynamic Running Surface™ automatically optimizes running attitude and trim, delivering incredible stability and performance. Large, triangular planes in the hull create an articulated running surface that improves acceleration, reduces bow rise and keeps the boat at optimal trim, no matter the load. An option on the SLX 350 Outboard, DRS also allows skiers and wakeboarders to define presets—letting you shape the perfect wake height.

Dynamic Running Surface

Bring everything

The SLX 350 Outboard offers storage that really performs. When your boat is loaded with family and friends—as it should be at every opportunity—it helps to have the kind of high-performance storage the SLX 350 Outboard offers to tuck all that gear away. Spacious drawers beneath the seats easily fit full wardrobes, required gear and toys. Two storage spaces are dedicated to cooler usage alone, and the stern anchor folds neatly away in its own compartment. Special hanging lockers even keep your nice stuff in great shape for that evening out. Stow and go.

Super storage

Grace under pleasure

Robust power and the serenity of quiet meet on the water in the SLX 350 Outboard’s unmatched performance. Boasting triple 300-hp Mercury® Verado® outboard engines and SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), the SLX 350 Outboard is eminently capable. Quiet Ride™ quashes noise, harshness and vibration so you can converse with ease and enjoy the water as it was meant to be enjoyed: all day long.

All Day Cruising

The hull truth

The beauty of a Sea Ray is more than skin-deep. Sea Ray manufacturing processes are ISO certified and state-of-the-art. Hulls are cut and gel coated robotically, rather than by hand, dramatically reducing the margin for imperfection suffered by competing manufacturers’ boats. The end result? Unmatched performance and ride quality worth bragging about.

Quality check

Technical Specifications:

LOA: 10.50m
Beam: 3.20m


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