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Technical Specifications

Named a 2017 Top Product by Boating Industry, the versatile SLX-W 230 delivers luxurious comfort and major thrills. Enjoy premium wake sports action courtesy of Sea Ray’s V-drive propulsion system with advanced wake-shaping capabilities. Available Mercury® Joystick Piloting for Inboards (JPI) makes for turn-on-a-dime precision and effortless docking. Factor in its superior coving and cruising amenities, and the SLX-W is your all-access pass to Orchestrated Adventure.


Making waves

The SLX-W’s awesome surfing wakes come courtesy of the boat’s 2,000 pounds of integrated ballast, proprietary WakeTech™ wake-shaping plates, Sea Ray’s high-performance deep-V hull, and a V-drive TowSport engine from Mercury that moves the propeller farther forward beneath the hull while maintaining cockpit space. Every wake parameter – size, shape, left/right break – is controlled through The SLX-W’s Dynamic Display™ screen, with numerous presets for different riders and easy adjustments on the fly. Wakeboarders, water skiers and other riders will love wakes customized just for them, as well.


Joystick Piloting

Absolute control is at your fingertips with the available Mercury® Joystick Piloting for Inboards (JPI) system. Boaters of all skill levels will appreciate the easier, more intuitive command that JPI provides. Maneuver forward, aft, side-to-side or even spin in place with a simple nudge. Picking up fallen surfers is safe, quick and easy – and, even in the tightest situations, docking is a breeze.

Touch control

Sea Ray’s newest fully integrated helm display, the Dynamic Display, provides a touchscreen interface to control the SLX-W 230’s WakeTech technology. Adjust the ballast in the three ballast tanks or the angles of the wake-shaping plates all with a finger swipe to deliver the perfect ride for your surfer. Hands-on just got high-tech.

Interior moves

Sea Ray’s elegant interiors exemplify strength and durability. With marine-grade and UV-protection technology, the SLX-W 230’s upholstery delivers the longevity and style that only a Sea Ray can.

Color Options

Interior Package

Heaven is in the details

Details matter. For it is the little touches, the rich materials, the permeating quality that sets Sea Rays apart from other brands’ boats. On the SLX-W 230, excellence is found in the robotically applied exterior gel coating. It’s the double top stitch on all the upholstery. Excellence is found in the seams between parts of the boat, where tolerances are incredibly fine for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Because details matter.

Fit & Finish

Quick as a flash

The SLX-W 230 draws the eye. To its incredible surfing wake, and to the fun being had on board, but it’s something more. Because the SLX-W 230 is the only Sea Ray model to come in Metal Flake colors. A rad boat deserves a rad paint job. So go ahead and tell everyone things will be getting gnarly.

Flex Paint

Throw your weight around

For kicking up ripping waves, the SLX-W 230 can’t be beat. The boat’s easily controlled ballast system is entirely contained within the hull, out of sight and out of mind until you want to crank up the size of your curl. It’s a far more sophisticated ballast solution than the space-robbing ballast bags you see on most tow boats. And adjusting the amount and location of ballast takes just a finger swipe on the touchscreen display.


Elevated fun

The SLX-W 230 is more than just a surf monster. It’s also great for wakeboarding, water skiing and tubing, and for those a sports tower is a must. It helps with unweighting for catching air, and it just looks cool. The functional and stylish tower folds forward for transport and storage, plus it adds board racks that show off your arsenal, andoptional audio speakers to keep everyone, including your surfers, grooving.

Sports Tower

Surfer on deck

The SLX-W 230 is a water-focused boat. Appropriately, the boat’s swim platform eases the transition between dry and wet. As a staging area for surf or boarding sessions, the SLX-W 230’s massive platform is unbeatable. Soft SeaDek matting protects tender feet, knees and hands, and protects precious boards. An optional submersible platform or a flip-down swim step creates a great half-submerged seat or allows kids to scramble in and out for cannonball contests. A handy remote makes it easy to switch up the soundtrack when it’s time to dial things up a notch.

Swim Platform

Smooth running

Based on the performance-forward SLX Grip 6 hull, SLX-W 230 runs beautifully in all conditions. With a deeper V than most tow boats, the SLX-W can cruise through rougher waters, without the hull slap or outright pounding that plague traditional tow boats. And with Sea Ray’s available innovative Dynamic Running Surface ensuring perfect trim at all times, you don’t have to constantly adjust trim and balance for the perfect ride. The SLX-W 230’s ride is a difference that has to be experienced before choosing your next sport boat.

Ride Quality

Adrenaline spiker

SLX-W 230 does the calm thing perfectly: settle into a cove or enjoy a peaceful sunset cruise. But this boat is really at its best amping up an afternoon with surfers, boarders or skiers enjoying its wake. The V-drive engine places the prop at the perfect spot for a consistent pull, and the WakeTech underwater gear and integral ballast system deliver the wave of the future for endless surfing sessions. Using the touchscreen interface, drivers can personalize the wake shape, size and orientation for perfect purpose-built launching or smooth carving, and can do it on the fly.

Built For Fun


Technical Specifications

LOA: 7.26m
Beam: 2.59m
Weight: 2,506kg

MerCruiser® 6.2L ECT TowSport V-Drive Inboard w/DTS (370 hp)

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