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Technical Specifications

Take your weekends further. With the all-star SPX 190 Outboard of the SPX series, you can live the premium Sea Ray standard of boating at an affordable, family-friendly price. The combination of a very spacious cockpit, versatile option packages, easy handling with big outboard power and stylish Sea Ray design opens up what your weekend can be. Abandon the couch, put off the yard work and go further.

Strong silent type

You won’t be able to see the watertight compounds that bind the hull and stringer to reduce flex. Nor will you be able to see the precision framing system used in production to ensure the SPX mold’s proper alignment. You can’t see the detailed construction process that ensures strength and durability on every Sea Ray. But after hundreds of hours on the water, you’ll feel every benefit as the SPX 190 Outboard continues to prove its mettle.

Strength and Durability

The ride, amplified

The design of a boat’s hull plays a crucial role in ride quality, performance and efficiency. A poorly designed hull creates extra work for the engine and unwanted jostling for passengers. Sea Ray’s team of full-time naval architects ensures that every model is engineered, built and validated as a beautiful performer. Every component of a Sea Ray’s build, from the boat’s weight and balance to its sculpted strakes, is designed for optimal tracking, handling and shock absorption—so that no power goes to waste and not a single second of enjoyment is lost.

The Performance Multiplier

Built to last

Sea Ray’s elegant interiors exemplify strength and durability. With marine-grade and UV-protection technology, the SPX 190 Outboard’s upholstery delivers the longevity and style that only a Sea Ray can.

Interior Package

Your perfect fit

For families with specific activities in mind, the SPX series caters to your needs with the option of three comprehensive packages: The All Sport Package adds built-in fishing capabilities including a trolling motor, livewell and casting chairs. The Elevation Package serves up watersports thrills. And the Select Package provides premium upholstery and finish upgrades. Choosing your own adventure is as easy as choosing one of the above.

Perfect Fit

Accessible meets admirable

Just because the SPX line is easy on the budget doesn’t mean it can’t tug hard at the heartstrings. The Select package takes this family-friendly sportster and raises it to showstopping levels. Enjoy upgrades like butter-soft upholstery, beautiful wood grain finishes and cool LED lighting. All in a boat that’s nimble, powerful and undeniably fun.


Expect the best

Part of being a “sweet ride” is delighting all of the senses, all at once. The SPX delivers on the promise of ultra-enjoyability with special touches like an Isotta wood steering wheel, stainless-steel gauges and an upholstered visor. Beyond the captain’s seat, features including LED lighting and a fully upholstered bow treat every passenger to comfort. There’s a reason they call it the SPX Select: It’s a choice that begs to be selected.


Settle into supple

Wrap yourself in style with the SPX Select’s beautiful upgraded upholstery. Available in your choice of Viper Swan or Belle Grana color schemes, this premium-level fabric features exquisite detailing for enhanced elegance. A fully upholstered bow area and side panel upgrades provide an extra touch of luxury, answering the question, “Can an affordable sport boat really be this gorgeous?” with a resounding “Yes.”


Sacrifice nothing

On the SPX 190 Outboard, an integral, full-beam swim platform with a stainless steel, four-step ladder illustrates just what Sea Ray believes “standard” should mean. A full, sterndrive-style platform, combined with the benefits of an outboard engine, results in the fantastic usability and flexibility that you’ll love about the SPX 190 Outboard. Stretch out while fishing from the portside jump seat, dip your feet in (when at rest), or simply enjoy the extra intimacy with the water that brought you onboard in the first place.

Swim Platform


Price is without engine and VAT

Technical Specifications:

LOA: 5.94m
LOA w/Engine: 6.63
Beam: 2.54m
Weight: 1.131kg

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